Home Learning

Our Home Learning programme for Years 7, 8 & 9 will ensure that all work completed at home is meaningful, supports learning during lessons and promotes independent learning.

Each Monday, students are given a Home Learning booklet in one subject area. This is due in the following Monday and should take 5 hours to complete. Failure to complete the booklet will result in a lunchtime detention on the Tuesday, followed by an hour’s detention after school on Thursday if it is still not completed.

An after school Home Learning club is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for extra help and support with the booklets, or to access the computer facilities.

Revision Help Resources

Here are some handy guides to help students in your care to make the most of their revision and home learning:

Resource 1: Cognitive Load Theory
Resource 2: Keeping Active During Revision
Resource 3: Spacing and Timing of Revision
Resource 4: The Chunking Technique
Resource 5: The Flipped Learning Technique
Resource 6: The Interleaving Technique
Resource 7: Using Flashcards