Remote Study Guidance

Whilst school is closed, work will be provided to students through epraise and Google Classroom by individual teachers.

Students can communicate with their class teachers using epraise. Please do bear with us regarding staff response time given the increased number of messages and possibility that individual teachers may be currently ill.

Students log on to epraise using their Google accounts which take the format of their network (they should know their passwords). If the device is signed into another Google account, for example a personal Gmail account, click the icon at the top of Google, and ‘Add another account’. Students can then switch to their school account and sign in to epraise (or Google Classroom). If students are accessing Google Classroom from a mobile device, please ensure they download the apps free from the app store to prevent work opening as un-editable, PDF files.

Google Classroom for Students Guide
Google Drive for Students Guide
Epraise for Students Guide