Whitstone School's General Election

General election 2017 candidates

After a hard fought campaign Whitstone School has elected Amy Smith of the Liberal Democrats to represent the school constituency.

Hustings took place during a week of special assemblies and the candidates each prepared speeches outlining their main policies and gave reasons why they believed the students should vote for them. The hustings assemblies were complemented with election posters around school and discussions in tutor time in the weeks leading up to the election.

All the candidates researched the manifestos of their parties before launching their campaigns based on 5 key issues, with the common themes being education, health and welfare, and national security.

Students cast their ballots and the results were compiled and verified, before being announced by the acting returning officer. The results were:
Maria Walton (Conservative) 15%
Robson Hooper (Labour) 37%
Amy Smith (Liberal Democrat) 47%
No vote cast (spoilt ballot) 1%

It was fantastic to see students engaging with political issues and thinking about the future of the nation.