Brilliant Club

Brilliant Club 2018

Students from Year 9 recently went to a university style graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements as part of the Brilliant Club.

Emma Wilkin, Alex Amor, Isabelle Glass, Owen Roberts, Keeley Banfield and Sam Davis worked with a PhD Student from the University of Exeter during 7 tutorial sessions examining the topic of ‘From Fossil Fuels to Fish.’

The project was particularly relevant in the light of the recent media coverage surrounding the production and usage of plastics in the modern world, and their impact upon our ecosystems.
Students produced 2000 word essays on the topic and were graded in line with a first year university undergraduate degree. Having displayed excellent work ethic, maturity and dedication they were rewarded with grades ranging from a 2:2 to a First.

Isabelle Glass said, “I enjoyed expanding my knowledge about topic areas that we wouldn’t normally cover in school. It also gave me an insight into university life and has made me think seriously about higher education.”

Congratulations to all of the students involved in this year’s Brilliant Club.