Fantastic Effort From Eco Club

Eco Club

Whitstone’s Eco Club have been helping to create a more eco-friendly school through their fantastic efforts.

The group began by implementing paper recycling in every classroom, before moving on to tackle plastic and aluminium drinks containers. Their next step was to register with Terracycle, a company who provides a number of recycling schemes to prevent waste going into landfill. Eco Club signed up to the ‘Writing Instruments Recycling Programme’ and have nearly 20kg of pens ready to send off for recycling (pictured).

When Walkers announced their ‘Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme’, Eco Club didn’t hesitate to get involved – the first shipment of crisp packets has already been sent off. Furthermore, the school has designated Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre as a public drop-off point, so that members of the community can recycle their pens and crisp packets.

These recycling schemes are benefiting the environment and conserving natural resources.

Next time you finish a packet of crisps, or realise your pen has run out of ink – why not save them up and take them along to Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre for recycling?