Year 7 'We Speak' Competition

We speak competition

Every student in Year 7 recently researched, wrote and performed a speech as part of the ‘We Speak’ competition.

Working in small teams they chose topics to speak about in front of their English class. Winners from the class round were then selected to progress to the school final. The school final took place in the Hall with an audience of over one hundred students.

The overall winning team was Jasmine, Emily and Katie (pictured), who spoke about hedgehog abuse.

Emily said, “Many people think that hedgehogs aren’t important but they are vital for the soil and the eco-system.”

Katie added, “There has been an increase in hedgehog abuse in the last three decades, including poisoning and mindless violence towards these innocent creatures.”

The best speeches will now be performed at an inter-schools competition in the summer, with Wells Blue, Ansford, Crispin and Stanchester also taking part.

Jasmine said, “I’m really looking forward to performing at the ‘5 Schools’ Final’ and I am very proud of what our team has achieved.”

Special commendation must also go to the reserve champions Amelie, Imogen and Niesha. Finley and Charlie were specially commended for their excellent performances.