Conor at Exeter Food Festival

Conor at food festival

Conor, Year 9, has recently been demonstrating his cooking skills at the Exeter Food Festival. He was invited to cook in front of an audience after winning the South West Chef of the Year competition.

During the demonstration of his winning dish, Conor was interviewed by celebrity chef Michael Caines, who also helped with the preparation and plating. Conor served venison loin with a faggot, pommes Anna, celeriac purée and a blackberry sauce.

Conor said, “It was an incredible experience; not every 14 year old can say that they have had Michael Caines as their commis chef!”

Conor is intending to enter next year’s competition and has already started preparing a new menu. Conor said, “I’ve really enjoyed developing my skills over the last few years and I’m very excited for the future.”