Kindness Project Collaboration

Kindness Project

Schools from across Shepton Mallet and the surrounding area have been engaging in a collaborative project on the theme of kindness.

Shepton Mallet Infants, Bowlish Infants, St Paul’s Junior School, St Aldhelm’s School and Whitstone School students joined together for a student council day to discuss strategies to promote kindness in their schools and projects to spread the message to the community.

Children of all ages, from Reception to Year 8, worked together in small groups to discuss what kindness meant to them and the ways in which they have promoted kindness in their schools. Presentations were given by pupils and teachers before a cross-school project was created.

Each school made designs associated with kindness to go on small rocks, which will be painted and varnished before being placed around Shepton Mallet for other people to find and re-hide. This was inspired by the #sheptonrocks project and will carry the mark of #kindnessrocks.

Look out in the autumn for the Facebook and Twitter accounts showing you how to get involved in the #kindnessrocks project.