A Message from Headteacher, Mr Swallow

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Today marks the end of our Spring Term. As such, I wanted to write to you before we embark on what promises to be an unusual Easter holiday.

To our students

I would like to start by thanking you all. The way in which you coped with our school closing was outstanding. You were calm, polite and kind, even at a time when many of you will have been feeling scared and unsure. Thank you for the way you supported each other, helped the adults in school when times were difficult and behaved excellently. I am proud of every single one of you and the way you helped our school to continue to be a safe and happy place during the final few days.

I would also like to thank you for the way you have approached your online learning on Google Classroom, the many Epraise messages you have sent and the impressive quality of some of the work you have completed. You are truly an amazing group of young people and I know that our staff are pleased to see how many of you are working hard. After Easter, we will provide more work for you to do. Please do your best, that is all we expect. We know how difficult each day can be for you at the moment, so persevere, keep in touch and we will not expect anything more. Your physical and mental health comes first.

This will almost certainly be the strangest Easter holiday you have ever had! I expect that you will spend most of it at home which could prove difficult. To avoid being bored, our staff have put together a long list of different activities you could do. None of these are ‘work’ and you don’t have to do any if you don’t want to; they are just ideas for you to use if you are stuck.

Finally, keep making us proud. Look after your brothers and sisters, your parents and your wider families. Ring your grandparents, walk the dog or use social media to keep in touch with friends. You all have an important job to do in keeping those people around you safe, healthy and happy. I know that you will do a wonderful job.

We hope to see you really soon, school will reopen at some point and we will carry on with where we left off. If you have a question or are worried, please send me an Epraise message. Your teachers will check their messages over the next two weeks but they also need to have a break, so if you need an answer to a question, please feel free to contact me as well.

To our Parents/Carers

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the course of this term and, in particular, the past few weeks. I appreciate how difficult it has been ‘homeschooling’ your child or children. We are under no illusions how difficult it can be, especially at such short notice. We are very aware that you are doing what you can and we will make sure that all learning is revisited when we return to make sure that all students can continue with confidence. After Easter, please continue to encourage your child to access Google Classroom but at a level you feel works for your family. All work set will be placed on Google Classroom so if you would like to see work available to your child, please ask them to show you using their log-in details. Staff will continue to respond to messages and communicate with you and your child using Epraise.

Over the next two weeks, we will not set work so students can have a break and some form of holiday. We will, however, publish our ‘Easter Holiday Fun Ideas’ document put together by our staff and led by Mrs Latham and Mrs Baker, which may be of some use. School will be open to those students who have worked with us over the past few weeks and information regarding free school meals will be circulated today. We will also be providing information regarding suitable books which students may wish to read.

Thank you again for your support of Whitstone School this term. It has been a really successful one with lots of progress made, despite the global uncertainty and challenges posed to all schools by the coronavirus pandemic. Please do not hesitate to email, phone or send an Epraise message should you have any questions. I will be in contact again after Easter with more information and an outline of our plans for the coming weeks.

I wish you and your families all the very best for a healthy, safe two weeks.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Guy Swallow

List of Fun Activities to Do at Home